Advanced Java Game Programming Review

Advanced Java Game Programming
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Advanced Java Game Programming ReviewYou would assume by the title that this book was written for the experienced Java programmer who knows a little about game programming and wants to learn a lot more. You would be wrong. Instead the author wastes your time and his book's space with chapter after chapter of information that has nothing to do with Java game programming, much less advanced material. Chapter one, for example, is all over the map talking about XML, Ant, and upgrading to Java 1.4, which is no longer even the latest release of Java. Chapter two, which is labeled "Deployment Frameworks" talks about JAR files, applets, and Java Web Start. Other off topic subjects include a chapter each devoted to persistent data, the A* search algorithm, and HTTP tunneling. In fact, there are three chapters on HTTP. The few chapters that actually relate to Java game programming are not advanced at all to the experienced Java programmer who knows anything about graphics, Swing, and Java. Instead, the author spends his time talking about his own game programming framework that does nothing special and is constructed quite awkwardly from a software engineering perspective. There are two much better titles on the market right now. One is "Developing Games in Java" by David Brackeen, written in 2003. The other is "Killer Game Programming in Java" by Andrew Davison which was released in the summer of 2005. If you are serious about game programming in Java you should probably own them both, since they are both excellent and each has their advantages. For one, both show how to use Java's own features and API's such as Java3D and Java Sound to complement your game programs rather than reinventing the wheel such as this author does. I notice that Amazon has nothing on the table of contents for this book, so I offer it here for the purpose of completeness, and to help prove my point that most of the book is not applicable to game programming:
Chapter 1 Development Setup
Chapter 2 Deployment Frameworks
Chapter 3 Swing Animation
Chapter 4 Animation Library
Chapter 5 Advanced Graphics
Chapter 6 Persistent Data
Chapter 7 Game Architecture
Chapter 8 A* Algorithm
Chapter 9 HTTP Tunneling
Chapter 10 HTTP Polling
Chapter 11 HTTP Pulling
Appendix A Source Code Index
Appendix B Introducing CVSAdvanced Java Game Programming OverviewAdvanced Java Game Programming teaches the reader how to create desktop and Internet computer games using the latest Java programming language techniques. Whereas all 7 Java game programming books published previously focused on animation using the AWT, I believe my book will be the first to cover animation using Swing. Doing animation in Swing is tricky. I have spent months diving into the details, testing, and optimizing animation in the Swing environment. I clearly explain how my code works in great detail and why I did what I did. I provide an Open Source reusable game library, a Swing animation engine that allows the reader to use these techniques and put out new games very rapidly. The Open Source game library also includes a reusable game deployment framework and a multiplayer networking library with HTTP firewall tunneling capability for applets. All of the code is Open Source including the example games. The graphics and audio librariesmay also be used royalty-free for creating new games. I also identify and discuss the modern advanced techniques within the field of Java game programming and how they differ from earlier prescriptions in the literature. As the Founder of the Game Developers Java Users Group (GameJUG), I have it made my passion over the last few years to collect and assemble everything published online or in print on the subject of Java game programming.

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